New Primary Assessment Pack

This NEW pack  is aimed at primary school leaders, including those with responsibility for school-wide assessment. It provides an

opportunity for you to reflect on where your school or academy is in

relation to assessment. It will help you to focus on the decisions you have made to date and to evaluate the effectiveness of those

decisions. It will also provide you with practical, ‘down-to-earth’

examples of procedures which may move your thinking on further.


The Pack Will :

- Emphasise the importance of creating a ‘whole-school’ ethos that embraces a different style of


- Consider the balance needed between formative and summative assessments;

- Look at models of tracking on a ‘year-by-year’ basis as well  as ‘in-year’ tracking;

- Take account of the way progress is now measured and how this may impact on your tracking and

   assessment in general;

- Take account of the issues raised by the new style RAISEonline;

- Consider how ‘assessment for learning’ procedures may need to sharpen especially in relation to

   pupils’ misconceptions and barriers to learning;

- Put emphasis on the place of peer assessment and the place it has in your assessment procedures;

- Provide a case for listening to learners more frequently and provide examples of doing this;

- Consider the value of testing and having clarity about end of year expectations;

- Consider where assessment within EYFS is after the issues related to baseline assessment


The pack is accompanied by a CD which contains copies of all the relevant documents identified and used in the pack.


You can order your copy here for just £75 (plus postage and VAT)

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