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All Of Our Downloads Are Provided As PDF's
We know that schools are busy places and that teachers need as much support as they can get. We have produced a number of resources that we hope schools will find really useful - saving them time and money. They can be downloaded simply by clicking the image of the resource you want. We retain the copyright on all these items, and all we ask is that you do not use them without acknowledging the source - us ! Some of the files are extremely large and make take some time to download.
The National Curriculum By Year Group Document for Teachers Explaining the Assessment Changes in 2016 Document for Parents Explaining the Assessment Changes in 2016 Document for Governors Prompting Them To Review Safeguarding Systems
A Guide to Writing Your SEF (Previously A Paid For Publication) Set of Posters Prompting The New Reading Areas of Focus A Single A3 Poster Challenging Children To Undertake A Set of 'Kindness' Challenges Pack Helping Schools To Celebrate Chinese New Year (NB This Pack Contains High Quality Photographs & As Such Is A VERY Large File)
A Poster Suggesting How Schools Can Organise Their History Units In KS1 & 2 - Helping To Minimise Time Wasting An A3 Poster Pack Outlining the Origins of Many Of Our Christmas Traditions An A3 Word Mat Containing the Main Words Associated With Ancient Egypt
An A3 Poster (Word Mat) Giving Children A Range of Homophones To Assist With Their Writing
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