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Global Provision We have over twenty years of experience working in both the UK and overseas. We can help your organisation with any of the following aspects of education development and support .... - establishing an International school - improving academic outcomes - marketing and promotion - curriculum development - policy and procedural help - educational technology - new thinking in education We know we can help you make a real difference in your existing or proposed new provision. Contact us for a 'personalised' response and proposal. Why Choose Our Company for Your Existing or New Venture ? We are a relatively new player in the global education business market, but we have a lot of experience of working with schools all over the world. These include : - A two year European Union funded programme to support the development of early years education in Radom, Poland - Eight years of ‘on the ground’ experience of school partnerships in Chongqing, China and already established links with local party officials - Seven years of direct educational support for rural communities in Nanded, Maharastra, India - Four years of experience of setting up a school in Nkawkaw, Ghana In Addition To This We Offer : - Seventeen years of high level school leadership in the UK, managing outstanding provisions - Four years work at local authority level in the UK - Two years direct advice to UK government on education provision and policy - Three years experience working with over 200 schools in the UK providing consultancy, training and support for improvement - Over twenty years of working with non-formal education provision across the world and leading the development of the world’s largest youth movement - Experience of managing the development and establishment of two new school projects Why Choose Us ? - We have a long time experience of working in India and China. This means we already have links and relationships with the local community’ local businesses and local senior party representatives. This local knowledge and the established links mean we can hit the ground running. Our lead person speaks a little mandarin, but would commit to learning it fluently if given the contract. - We do not come with a ‘ready made team’ which may not be relevant to your situation. We have a wide variety of experts who we are able to select depending on the particular focus at the time. This means that in terms of cost, you are not paying for people who you are not using. - We have no fixed administration costs or a large office team to maintain. This again means that we are able to limit costs, by only paying for what services we need, when we need them. - We are responsive to your needs and only manage one project at a time. This means we are able to provide you with all the assistance you require, whilst not being distracted by other demands. Our Commitment We offer the following commitment to you : - clear and transparent costs that are responsive to needs - a reputation for outstanding provision - delivery within the agreed timescales - determination to make this venture a success - an honest and realistic approach throughout the project - to be able to model this project as one that could be replicated if necessary elsewhere - to work with only the best people to deliver the job

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